Ways to Make Some Extra Money This Holiday Season

Ways to Make Some Extra Money This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, unfortunately, often a strain on our wallets. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income for gift-giving or want some extra cash for festive activities, there are numerous ways to make money during the holidays. Let’s explore some creative and practical ideas to boost your income and spread the holiday cheer without breaking the bank.

1. Seasonal Retail Jobs

Many retailers hire seasonal staff to handle the holiday rush. From cashier positions to gift-wrapping, these jobs can provide a quick and temporary income boost. Check with local stores or visit online job platforms to find opportunities in your area.

 2. Freelance Services

Offer your skills on freelance platforms. Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, social media manager, or virtual assistant, businesses often seek extra help during the busy holiday season. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can connect you with clients in need of your expertise.

 3. Online Surveys and Reviews

Participate in online surveys or review websites and products. Companies are willing to pay for consumer opinions, and several platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or User Testing offer compensation for your time and feedback.

4. Holiday Decor Services

Use your creativity to help others decorate their homes for the holidays. Offer your services for tree decoration, outdoor lighting setups, or even festive home staging for holiday parties. Spread the joy while earning some extra cash.

 5. Baking and Cooking

If you have culinary skills, consider selling homemade holiday treats. From cookies and cakes to savory snacks, there’s a market for delicious homemade goods during the festive season. Package them nicely for gift-giving, and you might find a lucrative side hustle.

 6. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Many people travel during the holidays and need someone to look after their pets. Offer pet-sitting or dog-walking services in your neighborhood. This is not only a great way to make money but also an enjoyable way to spend time with furry friends.

7. Photography Sessions

If you have photography skills, offer holiday-themed photo sessions. Families often look for professional photographers to capture festive moments. Advertise your services locally and provide packages for holiday cards or framed prints.

8. Gift Wrapping Services

Turn your gift-wrapping skills into a business. Offer a gift-wrapping service for busy individuals or businesses. Provide various wrapping options, and you may find yourself in high demand during the gift-giving season.

9. Virtual Assistance for Events

As holiday events and parties ramp up, many individuals and businesses need virtual assistance. Offer services such as event planning, RSVP management, or social media promotion for holiday gatherings.

10. Tutoring Services

If you excel in a particular subject, offer tutoring services to students preparing for exams during the holiday break. This can be done in person or virtually, providing flexibility for both you and your clients.


The holiday season doesn’t have to be a financial burden. By exploring these creative ways to make extra money, you can not only ease the strain on your budget but also contribute to the festive spirit. Whether you choose a traditional seasonal job, leverage your skills online, or offer unique holiday-themed services, there are plenty of opportunities to turn the holiday season into a financially rewarding experience.


1. Can I do multiple side hustles at once during the holidays?
Yes, you can combine different side hustles to maximize your income. Just ensure that you manage your time effectively to avoid burnout.

2. How can I promote my freelance services during the holiday season?
Utilize social media, create a festive portfolio, and offer holiday-themed promotions to attract clients. Networking at local holiday events can also be effective.

3. Are there any legal considerations for starting a holiday-themed service business?
Check local regulations and ensure you have any necessary permits or licenses for your specific service. This is crucial for legal and financial peace of mind.

4. What’s the demand like for seasonal retail jobs?
Demand for seasonal retail positions typically increases during the holiday season. Check with local stores, malls, and online job platforms for available opportunities.

5. Can I turn my holiday-themed service into a year-round business?
Depending on the service, there may be opportunities to transition it into a year-round business. Evaluate demand and consider adapting your offerings beyond the holiday season.

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